How to be an EPIC Gamer

Ayden Hutchinson, Staff Writer

Do you struggle at playing Games? Do you want to git gud? Well, say no more. In this article, We will be covering the EPIC steps to becoming an EPIC gamer. Of course, reading an article will not make you git gud. However, I am hoping that this article can give you tips on how to get there, but of course, reading alone will not make you git gud. You have to put in the effort. I am going to cover the steps to becoming an EPIC gamer in this list:

  1. Get a good headset. This may sound weird, and it’s not essential, but games give you many signs of upcoming conflict using sound. Like in the case of Rainbow Six Siege, having a good headset is paramount. This is because being able to hear the enemies’ footsteps and telling where they are in comparison to you before actually seeing them can give you the upper hand in the fight. 
  2. Memorize the controls to your controller/keyboard. This may sound weird, because why would you play a game if you don’t know the controls? If you are in a fight and panicking by pressing random buttons, that is a great way to lose. Make sure you know what each button and button combination does in a situation so you know what to do going into a fight. 
  3. Stay calm, as mentioned above, panicking is the best way to lose a fight. Just know that you’re playing a video game, in the end, it doesn’t really matter, because there is always the next match (unless you are playing competitive). If you know going into a fight that you can win, you are going to play a lot better, and you might end up winning. No fight is impossible. 
  4. Practice, the only way to git gud at any game is to practice the gameplay mechanics, platforming, playstyle, etc. If you mess up a couple of times, that’s okay (Just ignore the people screaming at you through their $3 mics) Just know that you’re getting better, and maybe at some point, you can finally git gud. 

Hopefully, this article can assist some of you in your attempt to get better at video games. There are other methods to git gud, and everyone has their own playstyle, but hopefully, this helps somewhat.