How to be an e-girl or e-boy

Taylor Benoit, A&E Editor

Have you been watching TikTok trends lately? Well, do you know what an E-girl and an E-boy is? I am about to tell you all about it. An E-girl and an E-boy are the people that roll their eyes and roll their fingers. Some of them wear chains, some of them wear strips with a big shirt over them. Usually, a black shirt and the chains would have a lock on it. With some of the E-girls and E-boys, in their TikToks, they would use colored lights, and either hard music or sometimes soft music.

I asked Jaiden Amaya what inspires him to dress like an e-boy, his response was “Definitely is just me, I really like the style of it and I feel like it suits me.” I also asked him if he would ever consider being a soft boy instead of an e-boy, this is how he responded. “Yeah, i am a mix of both at times.” and the final question I had for Jaiden was what he considers an e-boy/girl, he told me, “Someone who dresses in more of a darker style with chains and more unique clothes.” I also asked Linda Gonzalez the same questions as I asked Jaiden, “i do get inspired by the “e-boys” or whatever but I wouldn’t consider myself one because I take different styles and mash them together like I take parts of the skater style and “soft girl” style. I express myself through my style and stuff like that. I asked Linda if she would ever be a “soft girl”. She responded “I actually was a soft girl towards the end of the school year last year. But I didn’t like it as much as I like my style now especially cause I get cold really easily and I like layering my shirts and stuff to keep warm.” I asked Linda what she considers an e-girl and that is, “style of grunge with the striped shirts under the regular t shirts with darker shoes and TONS of accessories like the chains and really extra earrings and a lot of rings. The accessorizing is probably my favorite part of putting together outfits.” So if you ever wanna be an e-girl or an e-boy here are some tips.