How to stay fit in the upcoming holiday months!


Taken By. Emma Brulotte

Yzabella Eggers, Staff Writer

Being healthy is a struggle for many students, no matter what time of year it is. Though, with the holiday months approaching, it becomes almost impossible! Here are a few tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy physical and mental view from our very own Canyon Ridge students.

Tilly Monroe (10) states that she stays fit by taking part in sports and clubs. She plays Volleyball in the Fall and Softball during the Spring. Tilly said, “I enjoy staying fit because I become more positive about life and treat myself better than I would not staying fit.”

Working out is a big part of staying physically healthy as well as eating fresh, whole foods. Different diets for staying healthy tend to vary depending on how fit you want to be. For example, the Atkins Diet, the Paleo Diet, and the Zone Diet are all dietary guidelines that can help you monitor the types and amount of foods you eat. The Atkins Diet helps with weight loss, and the goal is to eat pure protein while practically eliminating carbs. The Paleo Diet is said to help with weight loss, less of a risk factor for heart disease, and even helps people struggling with diabetes. The Zone Diet is similar to the Paleo Diet in its benefits but lowers carb intake slightly more. Though dieting is not the only form of eating healthy that anyone has to do. You can as easily eliminate certain things, like fast food, sugary drinks, and sweet treats, to maintain a steady diet for yourself.

Betty Vasquez (10) explains that she “tries to get out of the house as much as possible” during the holiday months and tries to avoid eating foods that are high in fat. Betty does a good job of being self-aware of the food she eats, which is a vital skill for anyone trying to be more healthy. Betty is in Track, which will be taking place towards the end of the year. Track is full of cardio, which is a fantastic way to get you feeling good year year-round.

People can stay fit in the upcoming holiday months by being mentally determined, the right mindset about what you’re doing with your body, and forcing yourself to make a change in your life. The more hard you work, you put in and how regularly you do it can improve your results. Positive thinking can also help with the way you manage your stress. Being smart in the way you manage your time can help you become relive your stress and improve your well-being. Stress management is essential because when people are stressed, they tend not to do anything or do everything, so understanding where you’re at in life so you can make life more manageable. 

Hopefully, those tips help anyone who is struggling to maintain a healthy physical or mental well-being! Being aware of the way you live your life can help you do what you grasp for most in life.