The cookies CRUMBL

Matthew Thatcher, Staff Writer

CRUMBL is a new cookie shop opening soon. According to Maycee Knowlton, “CRUMBL is like Sips’ cookies, but they deliver them to you warm and fresh, instead of keeping them in the fridge all day, they cook them while you order.” CRUMBL location will be by WINCO and Zurchers, and it will open sometime soon. CRUMBL will be a newly owned business, that may affect other locally-owned bakeries such as The Cookie Basket or the CSI student-lead bakery. But the thing about CRUMBL is that it is a chain, like McDonald’s. A franchisee owns them, but the branch will be local. These cookies are prevalent and known very well, so on the higher west side, and just recently started moving over to our team.

Most of their businesses are located in Utah and Arizona, as you can see on this website: Just scroll down and look where all of the locations are, and unless something DRASTIC changes in these upcoming months, they will be adding one to the list. Us. And guess what? THEY DELIVER! So if you are ever craving a delicious CRUMBL cookie, look up their website for more info! Many have much excitement for the shop opening up because, this will start the beginning for more high tier restaurants, such as Texas Roadhouse. It is 90% confirmed that they are moving into our town shortly. Twin Falls, Idaho has been growing, and to support this growth, new businesses are joining in to make sufficient funds, because moving into a new and growing town can mean better profit than moving into an old broken-down town that makes little to no profit with little to no citizens in it. To finish it off, we are excited about the new cookie shop called CRUMBL that will open in our town! We will be there for the opening day, and we hope to see you there too!