Why Men Shouldn’t Wear Skinny Jeans

Matthew Thatcher, Staff Writer

Skinny jeans. It’s a modern bell-bottom. They are so successful that even little teenagers started wearing them. Women using them, I consider okay, I guess, because they are allowed to wear whatever they want to (with a few exceptions) But guys??? I don’t think so. It’s just weird. I believe that men have enough options to wear. Pants, sweatpants, the list goes on. But I feel that men in tights and skinny jeans and skinny shirts are just really uncomfortable when you see it. It’s like you can see EVERYTHING! And that’s not fun for anyone. Some students are getting in trouble for it being TOO tight, and they have learned their lesson with it.

I feel that when men wear skinny clothing, that they are saying, Hey, look at me! And men already stand out a lot, so why do you do that? But to add some humor, it is pretty funny to see people like that all the time, which adds some fun into your day, which is always an exuberant thing to do. Laughter is the solution to a happy and prosperous life. Entering into the vid of skinny wear means no escape. Once you go, you just may never come back into reality. It’s like a habit; they are hard to break and even harder to get out of (literally). Skinny clothes mean a longer time to get ready in the morning and even longer time to stand up out of a chair because your legs are trapped. This also means less breathability. Breathability is critical because if your legs can’t breathe, then your veins can’t breathe (figuratively). Cutting off the blood flow to your legs is not fun to do because then it really will be hard to get up from that chair in math class that is too low for the ground. Now go out there and wear some normal-sized clothes!