Ayden Hutchinson, Staff Writer

Bowling is a recreational sport that involves rolling a ball towards a target. This target is usually ten pins in the U.S. and Canada. Bowling is a very entertaining sport that is enjoyed by many. 

On January 13th, the Bowling Team went up against gooding. The outcome of the game was excellent. As for the team itself, There are around thirty-five members of the Canyon Ridge Bowling Team. About 17 of these members are seniors, which means the team will lose a large chunk of people next year. If you like Bowling (It’s a very entertaining sport), then I would recommend joining next year. Trust me. You won’t regret it. If you’re interested in joining next year, they start playing in November, and the season ends in February. The Bowling team meets for practice three times a week 

The coach of the Canyon Ridge Bowling Team, Mrs. Hoge, has been coaching bowling teams for 20 years at this point. The Canyon Ridge Bowling team, which was started by her, has been around since the beginning of the school. Mrs. Hoge much enjoys Bowling, which is why she has done it for so long. The next Bowling tournament is the 25th of this month, where they go up against Boise. The next match will occur next Wednesday, where The Canyon Ridge Bowling Team goes up against Minico, Declo, and Burley. So far this season, there have been seven matches and two tournaments. There are still many more matches and tournaments which the Canyon Ridge Bowling team will take part in. Overall, the Canyon Ridge Bowling Team is an excellent choice for a sport if you are interested in Bowling. The Canyon Ridge Bowling Team has many members and is an enjoyable sport. If you like Bowling, you might consider joining the team