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  • Coach Poole resigns from head football coach position and all staff positions at CRHS; other assistant coaches quit football.

The Riverhawk Review

The Riverhawk Review

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Letter to the Editors: Cell phones in the classroom

October 30, 2022

I think the new phone policy is good but it doesn’t really apply to me in the majority of my classes....

How to submit a letter to the editors

How to submit a letter to the editors

October 18, 2022

The Riverhawk Review welcomes brief letters to the editors. All letters to the editors must be 500 words...


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The 2022-2023 CRHS Speech and Debate team
CRHS Speech & Debate compete regularly throughout school year
Peja Kekerovic, Staff Reporter • January 22, 2023

The Canyon Ridge Speech & Debate team's latest tournament took place on December 9th with senior Matti MacAllister coming in first place, sophomore Jess Myhre second place, and senior Coltin Vinson...

CRHS varsity football players
What are the benefits of extracurricular activities?
Hannah McClintock, Staff Reporter • January 10, 2023

An extracurricular activity can be defined as any class, club, sport, or other organization that has an outside-of-class component, maybe for practice, a concert, or a rehearsal, but there are times where an extracurricular activity...

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