What scares you?

Starr Rackham

Watch Out!

What scares you? It may be the simplest thing like a spider, or it may be big like being buried alive. Your fear might even be public speaking, and It is a common fear. It is the world’s number one biggest fear. Whatever your concern, maybe you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Interviewing four people, they all have different things to fear. Mackenzie Wilder (10) is afraid of heights. Mackenzie is scared of falling and starts to panic and freak out. Mackenzie doesn’t think she will ever get over her fear of heights. She knows one other person with the same concern. Fear of heights is prevalent in 5% of the world’s population. Alex Kelly (10) is afraid of spiders. In the world, 6.1% of people are scared of spiders. When she sees a spider, she does what most of us do, run. She says she will never get over her fear. They are too creepy. Most of the people in her family also share this common fear. Along with Alex, Maddie Enders (10) is also afraid of spiders. She is afraid to get bit by one, so she screams and runs away. Some people have a fear of being alone. Jenifer Ortega (10) is scared of it. She doesn’t want to be alone. That may seem silly to you, but 1 in 3 people admit to having this fear even though some concerns might seem weird or stupid to you and real to others. Macey Hatcher (10) is afraid of toes. Women are 32% more likely to have this fear than men. She says they are gross. She has to look away when she sees them. She thinks that maybe one day she can get over this fear. She knows no one else who has this fear. No matter what your concern, there is at least one other person in the world with the same fear.