Aunica Gailey

Ten thousand years old and a gigantic, big muddy mess, pottery is fun, creative, calming, and a long process. Roxanne Delgado says, “Making pottery helps me relax and puts me into a good mindset.” When you think of pottery, you think of bowls and mugs or even vases but, most do not think about how these things get made. Enable for anyone yet to start creating something. You have to do something to the clay enable to make it workable. You have to first begin by reclaiming the mud. Reclaiming clay is a process in which one wedges the clay, or slip as it’s called at this point, to form usable clay. After you compose the clay, you then have to make sure there are no air bubbles in your clay. If you have air bubbles, then when you use the clay, and you make something, it can create big problems when it goes in the kiln. Your piece will blowup where that air bubble or bubbles were. After doing this, you are ready to create your piece. There are many different ways to create things. You can do the slab method, pinch pot method, a mold, or you can throw on the wheel. Each of these methods all require patience, especially throwing on the wheel. After you have created your piece, you have to let then it dry out. Drying clay has about three stages of drying out. You have the plasticware stage that will go to leather hard ( Which is perfect for carving), then that will finally go into bone dry. When your piece is bone dry, you can put it on the bisqware shelf in the pottery room. The part will then go into the kiln, and then after that, it will go to the greenware shelf. When the piece goes into the greenware shelf, you can glaze your piece with glazes. Glazes are pretty much like paint but for pottery. There are two different kinds of glazes paint on and dip glazes. After doing this, you can put your piece on the glaze ware shelf. When the pieces on the glaze ware shelf get put in the kiln and come out, you will have a beautiful, fantastic piece of art.