Crimson Bowl on Quarantine

Maycee Knowlton, Sports Editor

Crimson Bowl was supposed to happen on October 2nd. This is the football game that the crowd all wears crimson to support their football team. Not only does everyone wear crimson of the theme of the night, it’s also senior night for the football team. Seniors look forward to it and so do the students because they get to dress up all week and it’s really fun! Unfortunately tho, the crimson bowl didn’t happen on the week that it should’ve. One of the members of the football team tested positive for covid and the whole football team had to quarantine. There were no dress up days, no senior night, and no game. Some of the students were devastated to hear about the cancellation of the game because it ruined their Friday night plans. Especially the football team was devastated because this was supposed to be their senior night and they are stuck at home. I interviewed Colby Hagan and Quinlan (Quin) Cassidy, both senior members on the football team, what the best part about the Crimson Bowl being cancelled and what was the worst part. They both said that there really wasn’t a best part. They both really wanted to play so they both said not being able to play was the worst part. Colby Hagan just moved to Canyon Ridge High School this year and said, “It’s my senior year and it would’ve been my first and only time to experience Crimson Bowl”. They both said they didn’t like being quarantined because they both aren’t sick or symptoms and want to go to school. Colby said that he worked out, played games, and even worked a little during his quarantine time and Quin said that he just tried to keep up with his homework. Both football players can return to school on Wednesday, October 7th and they are so ready to go back to school. Hopefully we will make up Crimson Bowl and the football players can still have their senior night. We can’t let covid stop us!