Do Masks Make The Easiest Things Difficult Again?

Felicity Vazquez, Staff Writer

       Well, let’s see, this year has changed, and masks are now a common thing around us. But have they made it harder to talk? Have you ever had to or have someone else repeat themselves because they can’t be heard the first time? This is the time we are living in now, and it’s a bit difficult. One thing I’ve noticed and what some others have noticed as well is that masks do limit talking. People are having to speak up more than average when speaking or getting closer to speak to others. “Talking in class settings is a bit harder,” Aunica says.

       Have you noticed that the quiet kids can not be heard at all anymore? Have you felt like you aren’t supposed to talk with masks? “I feel like my jaw is clenched half the time,” Mackenzie tells me. So while masks help, they are also causing problems, so how much help are they really in a classroom setting? Masks are helping stop the spread, scientists say, but they are making communication harder.

       “I feel as if I need to yell to be heard,” Aunica lets me know, and I have to agree.