Students Thoughts on Online Mondays

Shelby Geiger, Staff Writer

       We didn’t have the choice of what happened to our school. We didn’t get to decide about what affected us. The choice for online Mondays was never determined by the actual students that had to go through it but the parents that didn’t. They got to decide something that barely affected them. We were the ones that had to deal with the online work and all of the work that our teachers piled on us.

       Many students enjoy having online school days since they don’t have to go to school, but some kids don’t like that they have all this work without having the actual teacher. “I enjoy having the day free from school, but it’s hard to get all of the work done without having a teacher to nag at you. I have been able to get work done while being at home, though.” says sophomore Kailie Wittrup. While being at home, you have to push yourself to be productive since there is no teacher to force yourself to finish your work.

       This is why many students prefer face-to-face interaction because they get their work done. “When I was first told that we were going online for Mondays, I was kind of excited to have the day at home, but I feel like they assign more work when being online than they do for actually being in class.” I have started to notice that in many classes that each teacher gives an assignment or two when being online. Some of the lessons take maybe 30 minutes minimum while some take up to an hour. Some classes can take up most of the day, so that’s all students have to look forward to.

       The whole point of the online Mondays is to be able to help the teachers with the workload of students that we’re face to face with them and the students that chose to be online.