Up and Close on Quarantine

Matthew Thatcher, Features Editor

Quarantine. Anybody possibly involved or connected to COVID-19 cases has had to be put in it. I have found many that have had to be quarantined and asked them if they wanted to be interviewed. Many sadly said no to being interviewed. But my neighbor had to be quarantined, and although he does not go to High School, and I cannot get coverage for him, I still decided to interview him.

I asked him eight personal questions that could have connected to his quarantine adventure. “Overall, quarantine was very boring, scary, almost.” “One thing that I did not know at first is that if one person in your family has to quarantine, everyone has to quarantine AND get tested before they can go back to work or school.” “It was scary. I didn’t know how to feel, and I lost all of my sense of smell and taste.” “Lemons taste like oranges almost, not sour at all.”

He then went on to describe it more in detail. “I was only in quarantine for 11 days. During quarantine, I was bed-ridden and played video games. I watched a lot of Netflix and drank a lot of orange juice, and it was very boring.” “Schoolwork was pretty easy, really only a few assignments to do when the teachers remembered to assign them.”

“The only thing I had to catch up on was a few tests unavailable online and a LOT of notes.” “And to answer your final question, no, no, I would NOT want to do quarantine again if I had to. It was boring. There was nothing to do.”

I have to thank my neighbor even though he did not want his name to be shared on the document, but this brought me a great insider look on quarantine, just in case I, or you, may have to quarantine in the future.