The Quarantine Article (Edition 2)

Matthew Thatcher, Features Editor

After having COVID-19 and having to be in quarantine, here is a revised entry for my last article. I noticed many things. My taste changed, bananas taste weird now, even now that I am not sick, and while I was ill, the taste was on and off. It was kind of sad, to be honest. I couldn’t taste noodles, but I could taste olive oil.

I couldn’t taste cookies, but I could taste peanut butter. And don’t even get me STARTED on smell. It was insane. One day I could smell lemons and tequila just fine, and the next day tequila smelt like water, and lemons didn’t smell altogether. It frightened me.

Except for the taste and smell are crazy and different every day, I had a stuffy right nostril. I know everyone is different in how bad to good COVID-19 is, but if I had to say, losing taste and smell was worse than having a stuffy nose. See, I like these microwave noodles, not Cup-O-Ramen, but better, and of COURSE, I could not taste my favorite 3 am snack, but I could taste the rancid steak fat. I couldn’t even taste steak! Just the fat from it. It wasn’t enjoyable.

In my last article, my friend described it as being sicker than losing taste and smell. God, I wish I was him. I would take stuffy over losing flavor any day. Overall, I don’t get sick often, and COVID-19 (for me) was no exception. For me, all it was an excuse to stay in bed and not go to school for two weeks, which was only like four whole days of school, but it’s okay, I guess.

What I did not like, except for the stuff already previously stated, was that school was insane. In those four days that I was gone, I missed two tests, a quiz, and a LOT of notes. I feel like they should start posting tests and quizzes and especially notes more often on Google Classroom for sick people, which would have been extremely helpful, so I did not have to do it when I came back.