Looking Into The Life Of a Sports Senior

Matthew Thatcher, Features Editor

For seniors, this year has been a struggle but for seniors involved in sports, it’s been even harder. I recently interviewed a senior that was involved in two different sports during the past year and asked them a few different things. “Sports that year has been a struggle this year, it’s been hard to catch up with school and re-adjust to the ever-changing sports schedule.” They did volleyball, softball, basketball, baseball, track, and many more sports this year, and they were pretty good at it. At the top of their teams, students had to work extra hard to win games which were also hard because if grades fell below acceptable they might get kicked from the team, so they had to be smart, agile, and flexible to change.

“It took about two months to get adjusted, but even then e didn’t really know when games were, because we have had games canceled at the last second many times now.” Sports competitions have been as far away as almost in another state, and half the time the school does not offer transportation, so sports kids have had to skip school or skip plans to go and meet their team in unknown arenas with unknown people. Subjects at school have also been pretty hard, but not as hard as subjects with sports. A few favorite subjects that I have noticed are science and history. That’s at least what most of them that I interviewed said.

Family is a big reason that a lot of people miss out on sports competitions. Families say no that they cannot gom or not that they need to fix their grades first or just many things such as that. They have many things they might miss when they sign up for sports, like family reunions or even vacations. Those are just a few things that seniors missed out on this year of sports.