Gender Norms? No Thanks


Ava Otero, Staff Writer

Hundreds of students crowd the halls, brushing shoulders in a hurried effort to reach their next class. As individuals climb the stairs, one may notice a small figure huddled in the stairway’s nook. Hunched in the corner, headphones on, without a care in the world, sits Macey Metzler in their hidey-hole. 

This is how Macey starts most of their days. 

Macey Metzler is a senior at Canyon Ridge High School. They are genderqueer and go by they/them pronouns. Macey spends most of their time doodling in class when they shouldn’t, or creating masterpieces in Mr. Smith’s art class. 

“My favorite teacher is Mr. Smith because he has this fun energy around him and will help you explore art mediums to find what you like to do. ” 

Art has always been a part of Macey, and their skills continue to grow with them as time goes on. One thing Macey is proud of is their digital art. 

“I am proud of most of the digital art; I feel like I can control what I make on the computer, there are fewer mistakes that can become permanent. ” 

One thing Macey was not in control of was their senior year and how Covid-19 has affected it. Like most of us, Macey was not too thrilled.” Awe, man, this sucks; I can’t hang out with my friends as much as I’d like, I can’t go anywhere, and I feel like it’s (Covid-19) only getting worse because of the people who won’t follow the rules.” 

Minus all the things Covid-19 has ruined, Macey’s senior year is still one to remember. Macey’s years at Canyon Ridge were well lived and memorable, from really dumb conversations with their best friends or hiding in the hidey-hole. 

Despite all the negative going on in the world right now, there is hope in Macey’s future. Macey imagines themself working as a graphic designer and hopefully living with a partner. 

Overall, Macey Metzler is just a small but incredibly talented piece of the Class of 2021.