How does Sariah Stanlee survive her senior year?

Kennedy Koopman, Staff Writer

Sariah Stanlee in all her glory

The senior class does not have a normal senior year, which makes all of us sad. But, Sariah Stanlee focuses more on the positives. She is all about making the best out of situations and making her time worthwhile. 

As a senior, she explains having a positive mindset makes the whole year better. Sariah focuses on being involved in schoolwork. Her reason for doing so is that “I don’t want to regret any missed opportunities.” With straight A’s she has also been a part of the dance team, advanced women’s choir, tennis, soccer, Synergy, National Honors Society, PTSA, Key Club, Keystone, and has been actively applying and receiving scholarships. Stanlee’s passion for sports started earlier on in middle school, and she started joining clubs when she had the opportunity.

Last year Sariah applied for a scholarship, and won it at a district level and then at the state level. This was when the pandemic first started. Her advice to seniors is “Not letting the pandemic put my life on hold.” She explains it further by explaining that she still follows masks, social distancing, and quarantine procedures. But, she does not want to stop her life completely. 

She does not go around other people who are high risk. But Stanlee continues to safely see her friends and family. She has a job and did not stop going to school-related events. With this year being her last, she is adamant to not let it end any differently.

 Her future goals consist of getting more scholarships, ending high school just like others have in past years, going to college, and being just as involved there. She plans to keep in touch with her friends and family.

 Though the pandemic has changed the school year drastically, Sariah proves with a positive and determined mindset it can be just as enjoyable.