The Life of a Senior

Yesica Venegas, Humor Editor

As the lights shine down, name by name each person is called on stage, each student nervously waiting for their turn. Every senior’s dream is to finally walk on stage and be done with high school; after that, it’s the beginning of another adventure full of memories. Alex Martinex is currently a senior trying to get through a couple of months left of high school. His earliest childhood memory was that he was a lady’s man and imagined high school to be amazing. At one point, it went downhill where “the pandemic ruined the image of my senior year by taking away all the fun” and for others as well. One thing that kept him motivated throughout high school was his friends. One important aspect that could affect the seniors’ lives on what they wanted to do in the future was the Senior Project, and the place where Alex’s got his inspiration from was from the first car he ever got. Alex’s senior project was redoing the bodywork and the paint job on his Mustang. He realized that he wanted to go into a career that involves motor vehicles and said, “that it is fun to do.” After high school, his plans that he set for himself are to go to college and start his own family. How high school changed his life was realizing that “I was growing up” and realizing he would be taking the next step in life. One thing that Alex leaves for the students barely entering high school is “To be friends with as many people as you can.”