CRHS Horticulture Club works to make campus “beautiful”


Photo Credit: Jaydn Kraus

CRHS Horticulture Club selling various items at the Fall 2022 tailgate.

Madison Larson

The Canyon Ridge High School Horticulture Club is entering its first full school year and has set goals they are working to complete to make the school look better.

The Horticulture Club, a group of CRHS students and staff working with plants to create a more enjoyable campus, was created in the Spring of 2022. 

English Teacher, Ms. Anna Rill, said the club was made as a way for her mental health to improve and for something to help “fill her cup.” It allows all types of students to develop a new hobby and do something outside of school.

“I joined the club to help my school look like a better place so my fellow classmates and I would want to come and learn,” said Alexander Urrabazo, CRHS Sophomore and President of the Horticulture Club.

The Horticulture club has a few plans already for this school year. They plan to do macramé nights, pottery nights, and a butterfly release in the spring. 

Macramé is the use of twine or yarn knotted in a way to hold plants or other decorations. The macramé nights would be ways for students to learn macramé and put those skills into practice. 

The pottery nights will be a three-part project. These nights will include making, glazing, and putting plants in pots. Any staff and student can join in these activities, but it costs a small price. The dates have yet to be determined.

CRHS Horticulture Club cutting and taking out bushes to plant flowers and better bushes in Spring 2022. (Photo Credit: Madison Larson)

“We’ll have them on display in the library where they can be taken care of, and it’s a perfect area for them because there’s so much sun. Plus, we’re filling the library with plants,” said Ms. Rill.

The first butterfly release was done in April of 2022. The Horticulture Club will be doing it again in the Spring of 2023. The caterpillars sold for $5 last year, but this year’s price is not set.

With these planned nights comes students who are saying their thoughts on Ms. Rill’s ideas to pot plants around the school. 

Jaydn Kraus, CRHS Junior and member of the Horticulture Club, said, “Ms. Rill’s drive to make the school beautiful and a place where both students and teachers can work together to accomplish goals is such a breath of fresh air. I really like what she’s doing with the program, and I hope she continues to do so.”

Students in the Horticulture Club are excited about Ms. Rill’s plans and what the club offers. Ms. Rill is working with staff and students to complete them. 

Ms. Rill wanted to add, “Big Box Stores don’t always get a lot of credit for contributing to schools, especially on a local level, so I wanted to make sure to give Home Depot a huge shout out. Seriously, without the generosity of the Twin Falls Home Depot, Hawk’s Horticulture Club wouldn’t have been able to launch the way it did. To put it in perspective, Home Depot donated many plants, fertilizer, garden soil, potting soil, bark, gardening tools, sunblock, gloves, and more! The support shown by the store and the employees who work there has been overwhelming. I, along with the members of the club, are so grateful. Thank you, Jessica and Home Depot!”