LETTER TO THE EDITORS: Cell phones in the classroom

Tayler Grimm

I think the new phone policy is good but it doesn’t really apply to me in the majority of my classes. I get much more work done in class because I am technically not supposed to have my phone out. However, in most of my classes when I don’t have any work to do I still get out my phone because the teachers don’t care about the policy and don’t bother to enforce it. 

I think this topic should be addressed because it clearly isn’t working as well as it was intended to. It seems like some teachers might even be against the phone policy. Their lack of enforcement of rules suggests that some maybe weren’t as in favor of the phone policy as we (the student body) were all led to believe. On the other hand, some teachers may not intend to let students use their phones in class. They may not think about it because it is such a new rule and phones have been allowed for years in many classes, which is also interesting. Why did the new phone policy just get implemented this year? I’m sure there have been times when there were minor phone bans, but nothing as major as this, so what’s different about this year?