Two break-ins to CRHS occurred over summer 2022


Photo Source: Ashlyn Wagner

The school’s best tool against vandalism is the many security cameras.

Ashlyn Wagner, Staff Reporter

Canyon Ridge High School has experienced two recorded break-ins, both during the summer of 2022.

One of the break-ins that took place near the end of the summer of 2022 involved two teenage boys charged with breaking into the school at night and causing damage to various teachers’ classrooms. 

According to Mr. Scott Thompson, Vice Principal at CRHS, the students were at the school during the day and propped open the theater shop. They then came back at night when everyone was gone and entered the school, gaining access to multiple teachers’ classrooms, including Mr. Seve Isaacs, the CRHS drama and speech teacher, and Mrs. Sara White, a CRHS English Language Learning teacher. 

Mr. Isaacs stated that he “had a bottle of hand lotion and a little bottle of travel sunscreen, and they opened those up and squirted them all over the place.” Many items in his room were ruined, including his mouse pad and mini fridge.

The students also broke into Mrs. White’s room where she said, “They were bouncing [a soccer ball from a cabinet in her room] and using it to hit the ceiling tiles.”, leaving some of the ceiling tiles broken on the floor of her classroom. 

A separate incident, according to Officer Becerra, the CRHS resource officer, happened on October 7th, 2022, “Two juveniles… attempted to gain access into the school through the roof.” They never made it into the school because one of the custodians at CRHS was in the building and called the police.

The juveniles’ motivation for trying to break into the school is unknown, but according to Mr. Thompson, they were arrested and faced fines and probation due to their attempt to break into the school. 

Due to the recent break-ins to CRHS, there have been extra precautions being put in place to hopefully prevent future break-ins. Mr. Thompson stated that “The [CRHS] security officer probably walks to every door 8-10 times a day, checks every door, and makes sure it’s locked.” and “[CRHS] custodians check all the doors every night before they go home.”