TRR EDITORIAL: Our view on the lockdown, hoax

The morning of Wednesday, February 22nd, Canyon Ridge was put into a hard lockdown due to an anonymous call to the 311 hotline about an active shooter in the 100 hall that turned out to be a hoax. Mrs. Long, Canyon Ridge’s secretary, then announced that students need to get to the nearest classroom or evacuate the building. After students were secured, teachers were instructed to follow ALICE protocol until police arrived and cleared the building of any suspected threat. 

The Riverhawk Review wants to thank first responders for their quick and thorough sweep of the school, as well as teachers and administrators for their dedication to students’ safety. 

A lockdown is a circumstance that needs to be taken seriously in case of a real threat. Because of the nature of the lockdown, real or not, the trauma that students experienced in the moment has real implications on mental health. 

We want to thank administrators and counselors for giving students and teachers an outlet to express and work through any emotions surrounding the lockdown. Still, we also want to thank students for their cooperation and continued bravery. 

During the lockdown, a lot of rumors circulated, including one of three possible people shot in room 125 and the name of the potential shooter. Rumors amplified stress on many students and spread a far-reaching panic throughout the school and state. Not only do false reports like this create an atmosphere of fear, but they can also create a “boy who cried wolf” situation. If a lockdown and threat occur, students and teachers may not take it as seriously as it should be, which poses a concern for the future Canyon Ridge. 

The following steps that could be taken to ensure students’ and staff’s safety are more frequent lockdown drills. At the end of every month, just as we have fire drills, Canyon Ridge should implement more lockdown drills as well. We feel this would prepare students and staff more thoroughly in case of another real lockdown.

The Riverhawk Review, amongst many students and teachers, have been greatly affected by the threat. Though everything ended well, it felt real in the moment. Students’ and teachers’ feelings are validated during this time. 

If you or someone you know needs further counseling and help regarding any feelings about the lockdown, Canyon Ridge offers free counseling to students and their families. Feel free to contact anyone at The Riverhawk Review as well; we are here to listen to any emotions and opinions about the lockdown.  We also welcome letters-to-the-editors if you need an outlet for your thoughts.

Counselors you can contact:

  •  Matthew Alexander (208) 732-7555 Ext. 4404
  • Jenny Mark (208) 732-7555 Ext. 4401
  • Molly Lively (208) 732-7555 Ext. 4402
  • Callae Marcellus (208) 732-7555 Ext. 4403

Students are also encouraged to scan the counselors’ individual QR codes to schedule non-emergency counseling.