Richard Lewis

The life of a band kid is very interesting because we’re always doing different things whether it’s doing a hawkwalk or playing at a basketball game. We’re always involved in one way or another.

When it comes to band there’s not just “a band” there are multiple bands here at canyon ridge high school in the since that we have a Marching band a pep band and a symphony band(concert band). For me personally as a student I’ve been a part of the  band for about 6 years now and like most sports it takes a lot of practice to learn all of the notes. Every instrument is different in the since that my clarinet is different from someone else’s. Personally life as a band kid is quite entertaining. I’ve heard a lot of people refer to band as “boring” and to that I say it’s only boring if you make it that way. A lot of people ask me what instrument I play well I play the clarinet And I’ve been doing it since 5th grade. I have made a lot of memories in band throughout the years such as going to lagoon or competitions and participating in pep band at basketball games.