The new editor of The Times-News: Steven Kiggins

Tayhia Hoskin, Staff Reporter

“I take care of people on my team, I don’t take much care of myself because it’s hard to ‘turn it off’.” Such is the life of an editor in charge of a small local newspaper like our Times-News.

In mid-November of 2022, Mr. Steven Kiggins made the switch from the nationally distributed newspaper, USA Today where he was deputy managing editor. He has now assumed the role of editor-in-chief in our local newspaper.

Steven Kiggins grew up from ages 8 to 10 running out every morning, enduring the changing Oregon weather to fetch the newspaper. His fascination with the daily news that “magically” showed up every morning despite the weather sparked an interest that stuck with him throughout his life. 

In his Sophomore year of high school, Mr. Kiggins joined his school’s newspaper team and continued writing for his school, earning the role of “Editor of Student News” in his Junior and Senior years. 

After high school, he began writing for the sports section of the local newspaper, beginning his career with a connection to his community, which he strongly values in his career. “You can’t serve if you don’t get to know people, or let them get to know you. Journalism is a service to those around you,” said Mr. Steven Kiggins.

As his career grew, Mr. Kiggins moved between multiple news outlets, mostly local in the Western states including Wyoming and Utah. In July 2018, Steven Kiggins joined the National News team at USA Today and worked as an editor on the national news desk. His career focused on breaking news and recent issues. After 4 ½ years Mr. Kiggins decided National News wasn’t for him, he missed having a more active role in the community and preferred to work in local news. 

Regarding the USA Today, “It’s just I felt there was something more inside of me that didn’t have an opportunity to get out because I was working in national news,” said Mr. Kiggins.

Mr. Kiggins claimed the difference in environment and values between national news and local news had to do with your image to the public. “Print Newspaper is your face; it’s what people see in the public.”

Now that he’s here at the Times’s news, Mr. Kiggins hopes to write more stories and reinstate the editorial board that was disbanded in 2018. 

Mr. Kiggins hopes to bring more attention and life to the Times-News, be more connected as a citizen, and serve the community through his stories.

“Do what makes you happy in the business… It’s about doing what speaks to you, what connects to you as a journalist, whether that’s sports or national news, It’s about applying your voice.”