How to Get Out of Paying for your Own Meals

Yzabella Eggers, Humor Editor

Getting free things is always the first thought on everyone’s mind whether they have money or not. It is what everyone-should-enjoy! Not having to pay your hard-earned money on something like Burger King or Panda Express. Here are a few ways to get food for free.

Roman Marasin (10) claims he does enjoy free food but does not get lent money from his friends. Roman has to pay for his own food without the help of the people he trusts most and ends up having to bring his own food from home. Obviously there is nothing wrong with that but friends are supposed to be people who buy things for you even if you have money in your pocket. That is no true friend of mine.

Acquiring free food is one of the easiest things to do. The best way to do it is to manipulate your friends, something Roman said he would never do. Explaining to them that you do not have money, EVEN IF YOU DO, can really help you save a dollar or two. As well as that, telling your friends that you have had a bad week and just do not understand why everything is against you will really make them feel bad for you. Then they will not know what to do and end up offering to buy you food because everybody likes food. 

Hanah Jacobs (10) also explains that she loves free things but would be honest when being asked if she would trick her friends into buying food for her. Instead, Hanah states that ¨if they offered to buy me something then I might accept but pay them back. ̈  The point of free food is to accept that free food and keep it being free food. Not paying for your free food a couple of days later, it’s free for a reason. She also says that ways to get free food are using a prepaid for somewhere like Dutch Bros, a popular coffee joint, or Chick-Fil-A, a popular chicken joint. Obviously, if it was gifted to you by someone else then accept it! You don’t even have to say thank you.

Another super-fast way to get free food in restaurants is to cry. Crying works for everything, from tricking teachers into giving you better grades to make your parents feel bad for you. In between all of that is crying in order to get free food. The best way to do that is to practice and challenge yourself to cry. For example, look in a mirror and make different faces that make it look like your ugly crying just like Kim Kardashian. It is easier than you think to get free food while crying since crying makes people very uncomfortable and they just want you to leave as soon as possible.

Those are my tips for figuring out how to get free food on a day to day basis.