Sweeto Burrito, Is it the Move?

Suzana Chavez, Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

 In high school,  lunch is typically not as long as most students would like it to be. Having to decide where to eat and drive/walk there leaves students with barely enough time to eat. Therefore, having a close place already in mind can be a time saver. Recently, many new food franchises have opened up near Canyon Ridge. The one creating most of the buzz is Sweeto Burrito. 

 Sweeto Burrito just opened during the summer of 2019, located right by Walmart. For the students without a car, a walk to Sweeto Burrito is very short and would on average take five minutes. However, if you do have a car the drive would take a total of two minutes (Google Maps). The location is a huge benefit for students with the short amount of time they are given for lunch. In addition to the short amount of time it takes to get to Sweeto Burrito, the food only takes about 10 minutes to cook depending on your order. Overall, time is no doubt on your side if you choose Sweeto Burrito for lunch. 

 Another benefit of Sweeto Burrito is the numerous menu options students have to pick from. Sweeto Burrito has anything from burritos, salads, rice bowls, and countless other options. A few examples are the White Chick burrito, their Street Tacos, and the Sweeto Pork Bowl.  Angela Antonio (10) is a Sweeto Burrito fanatic, and can’t get enough of it. When asked what her go-to order is she exclaimed, “My favorite is definitely the Veggie Avenger.” The Veggie Avenger is one of the wraps Sweeto Burrito offers. 

 On the other hand, Sweeto Burrito is not all great. Their prices can be expensive on the budget of a high school student. The average price for a burrito is $9.00 plus a drink/side. Giselle Garibay (12) shared her opinion on the prices at Sweeto Burrito by saying, “They don’t slap.”

 In general, Sweeto Burrito can be a great option for lunch, just not every day. The countless options and the short time spent can be huge advantages, but your piggy bank will definitely feel a little lighter.