The Spirit Hammer Winners


Riverhawk Publications Staff

Sophomore Student Council members hold up the spirit hammer with Riverhawk Pride!

Emma Dickinson, Staff Writer

     For years, at assemblies, every grade competes for the “Spirit Hammer.” And for years, it’s always the seniors who win this hammer. However, that all changed at the school’s first pep assembly of the year. Each grade gets a chance to get really loud and go nuts. They do it in the order of freshman, sophomore, junior, then the seniors. Mr. Lineberry, a health teacher here at Canyon Ridge, was the judge for this assembly. After hearing all four of the classes he said it was between the sophomores and seniors. The sophomores, after hearing this, got even louder than before. They were going to show the seniors that they are no lame sophomores. First, the sophomore went. You could probably hear them from Jerome. Lineberry had a look of shock and surprise then asked the seniors to go one more time. The seniors were definitely loud. Just not loud enough. Mr. Lineberry did not take much time in deciding who won the spirit hammer. After hearing that they won the spirit hammers, the sophomores jumped for joy. Carter Dixion, the sophomore class president, he told us, “[he] was super excited and very proud of everyone in the sophomore class. [He] was also very appreciative that everyone was willing to show school spirit.” Another sophomore student, Anya Zuercher said she felt, “Literally ecstatic. Never been more proud of my class before. I was so proud I almost cried.” Maddison Bowman says, “It felt so good because our class has always tried so hard to win something and the seniors would always win the hammer. The class of 2022 has the spirit. We were so wild! It made my day so much better.” Bryson Burk says that when they won the hammer, “It made me feel like the lower classmen were actually recognized. It also made me proud of my peers.” As you can see, winning the spirit hammer completely changed the sophomore class output on the spirit. They are all hopeful that they will win the hammer again.