Why dent your $40 hydro flask?


Yzabella Eggers

A VSCO girl making an E-Boy view her emerald hydro-flask while showing their school spirit for Spirit Week.

Kristalyn Valdez, Features Editor

Imagine sitting in a silent classroom all the students are actually working and it’s all calm then all of a sudden you hear the loud ringing of metal hitting the floor, then you here someone across the classroom say, “SKSKSK I dropped my hydro flask. And I oop-.” It may not have even been the person who owns the metal that dropped, or was it on purpose? The familiar phrase “SKSKSK I dropped my hydro flask. And I oop-” represents what is very well known as a “VSCO girl.” You know, the girls with big t-shirts and shorts, scrunchies, “puka shell” necklaces, white vans or Birkenstocks, a Kanken backpack, friendship bracelets, metal straws to save the turtles, and the most important component, the Hydro Flask!

Canyon Ridge had a spirit day on September 23, 2019, that encouraged students to dress like VSCO girls. A trend that developed over the summer from memes and small tendencies. The key aspect of a VSCO girl is their hydro flask. A $40 water bottle (prices may vary due to sizes). But why are these water bottles so expensive?!  Well, ever wonder why people freak out when they drop their hydro flask? Reason number one is IT’S LOUD AS FRICK!!! Reason number two is, these $40 dollar water bottles are made out of stainless steel, and their lids are vacuum sealing lids. These water bottles are made to keep your drinks cold or hot whichever you are trying to do. A hydro flask is able to do that due to the insulation in the water bottle material. Within the stainless steel of the hydro flask is the insulation, but if you dent the water bottle you can ruin the insulation and the water bottle’s capability to keep your drink at the desired temperature. 

These water bottles are reusable (to save the turtles), they can still keep your drinks the temperature you want even if their dented but not as well as if they weren’t. Ever since the VSCO girl trend became a thing people have been purposely dropping their $40 water bottles to sound like a snake and a drag queen in a meme. Yes, you and some other people could get a good laugh out of this, but does a good laugh really cost $40?  If you have a Hydro Flask treat it well and use it wisely. The turtles are counting on us. 

-“Sksk VSCO girl.”