A Lil’ Late


Suzana Chavez

Mrs. Franklin happily works with a student to keep her from becoming a failing student.

Suzana Chavez, A&E Editor

Are you failing your classes? Don’t worry, everyone’s been there and there’s always a way to raise your grade. First off, have you actually been turning in your work? Probably not, so that can be a start. However, if you’re a little too late to turn in your assignments and your teacher won’t accept them anymore, you might have to be just a bit persuasive. The best way to be persuasive is to understand what type of teacher you have. 

The ‘Mom Teacher’ is one of the most common types of teachers most students have to face. Your best hope in getting your grade up is crying. Bring your tissues and the most excellent sob story you have on why your work is late.  Ava Lagrange’s (10) go to sob story is, “My dog is dying, and I’ve just been really upset about it. I guess it’s been distracting me, is there any way you can accept my late work?” She normally gets a reassuring pat on the back, and a good ole’ fashion A. 

The next teacher you’re more than likely going to encounter is ‘The Coach.’ They’re the teacher that definitely favors the athletes, and the leading way to get your grade raised is to take advantage of that. Thalia Rodriguez (10) typically says, “My coach noticed the missing assignment I have in here, and she’s not going to let me play unless I get it turned in. Do you think you could just make an exception this once and accept it?” She’s found that this always works, and she’s never missed a game because of her grades. 

Finally, the last teacher you’ll probably run into is ‘The Stickler’. This teacher never bends the rules, unless you can find their soft spot. It might be a passion for classical music, and your best bet to get your assignment accepted is to pretend that you have a passion for classical music. You just need to befriend your teacher and hopefully, they’ll show you some slack. 

Now,  you should be rolling with your 4.0 GPA. If not, just remember to fake it till you make it.