Doubling Falls

Matthew Thatcher, staff writer

As you may have seen, many new businesses are planting themselves on our land in glorious Twin Falls, Idaho. For the people in Twin Falls, it feels like we are growing too quickly to compensate for the price that it takes to build. There are many new and significant food selling businesses opening on our streets, and many people are having a hard time keeping their business open because of vital brand products being sold against their non-major products, and that is affecting them and their profession. Say you are in town, just exploring and checking everything out, and poof! A new McDonalds on your corner, then poof! A new place opens up that sells candy or treats, and this is happening everywhere across town, and they are still planning on putting more random places up. It annoys many small businesses because this will affect how much of your product that you sell. Put yourself in the shoes of a CEO or owner for business downtown, and next thing you know, a new place that sells the same product as you takes over and makes you go bankrupt. Gas stations and car washes are fighting over prices right now because of how many new places are opening up or planning to open up. I have interviewed many business owners on how they would react to this new production of companies everywhere, and most of them disapprove very highly on this new concept. I believe that we need to help figure out how they can keep their business open and not have to close down to someone bigger than them, so stand up and do something about it! If, in the end, someone has to do something about it, why not have us help them succeed? If the people of Twin Falls helped small businesses grow, they would have a bigger chance of succeeding.