Hong Kong Chinese Cuisine Restaurant Review

Yzabella Eggers, Humor Editor

 The Hong Kong Chinese Cuisine located on 163 Cheney Dr located next to Canyon Ridge High School just opened this year. It is near the sandwich chain Jersey Mikes and is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on google. 

 Hanah Jacobs (10) has been to the restaurant and decided that it was very good and a nice place to get lunch at if you are looking to eat near the school. Also, Hanah says that if you are craving a taste of Chinese food during the school day, Hong Kong is just right for you! She also says that the meal was very affordable and would recommend it to other Canyon Ridge students who are looking for a nice place to go out and eat with friends.

 The restaurant itself serves many different types of Chinese food and delivers a very nice service. Of course, the restaurant does have to be somewhat speedy since it does cater mostly to students on weekdays but that does not mean it has a sloppy style. They serve things like orange chicken, rice, lo-mein, and potstickers though that is not all. The restaurant even includes special appetizers and good deals during different times of the day. They do have more traditional meals but for those, you would have to see for yourself. 

 When I, Yzabella Eggers, ate there they had a very kind waitress who took care of my family and me very quickly. The amount of food on the plate for the price it is at is very nice. As well as that, the wait time on the food was a little longer than I had expected, it being next to the school and having fast expectations, but not long enough to the point where I was agitated.

 Hong Kong Chinese Cuisine is a very nice place to get a quick meal on Thursdays for the hour lunch days. They have a very large area of the  room so you could even go with your friends and have a good time. Though, if you do not like Chinese food then I would not specifically recommend this restaurant for you.