NFL Season!!

Maycee Knowlton, Sports Editor

 Alright Football fans! The NFL recently started, and let’s see how it is going. So far, the complex sports news says that it’s the craziest season they have seen so far. Even if there have been some nice surprises on teams that likely won’t win a lot this season, like Daniel Jones’ emergence for the Giants. Or the Gardner Minshew movement in Jacksonville. And let’s not forget Baker Mayfield’s massive regression coming. Sam Darnold missed games due to Mono. This season has somehow had a full year of worth for story lines in only six weeks. Things aren’t about to slow down, but the Complex Sports team noticed some surprises and disappointments during this season.The Complex Sports news says, “I don’t care if you’re the biggest Jaguars fan in the world, nobody saw this coming. Not only has Gardner Minshew shined as a starting QB, but he’s making folks wonder if Nick Foles will ever be the guy in Jacksonville. While the Jags currently sit at 2-3 in the standings, they look to have a future star at QB with Minshew. “ That was the biggest surprise of the season to them. But the biggest disappointment, the complex sport says, “The Browns season is far from over, but they’ve now been blown out in two out of five games this year. Baker Mayfield looks like a shell of himself and Odell Beckham Jr. has four catches over the past two weeks. It’s hard to pin this on one person, but the Browns might have some serious issues that they need to fix ASAP. “ I kind a feel the Complex Sports Team was being a little harsh to these football teams. And they have their own opinions on what’s disappointing and what’s not. Keep watching the NFL to see for yourself what’s going on.