Our Bell! Our Game!


Matthew Thatcher, Staff Writer

Over the past ten or eleven years, Canyon Ridge High School and Twin Falls High School’s football team have been battling it out to see who is the best. Canyon Ridge, unfortunately, has not won for many years now, but that all changed on the night of September 27 of 2019. On this day, we finally one not just the spirit bell as we usually do, but the actual football game, too! Hundreds of students and teachers showed up and gave it their all with school spirit and fought with Twin Falls High School on who could be the loudest and show the most school spirit. The tension rose as it became a very close game, starting off as us having the first touchdown, and then slowly became more intense. This was a VERY close game, as where the score almost ended up being in their favor, but our football team held strong and persevered to the first victory of the Spirit Bowl Football game in many years! We are hoping that you students and teachers will show even more school spirit for next years game! Next years game will be hosted on our turf so that will hopefully come as an advantage. The one thing that I will complain about is that we will need more people for next year because we need to KEEP the spirit bell in OUR court and not in theirs. I would like to congratulate the football players and coaches such as main coach Sean Impomeni for bringing us to winning the Spirit Bowl. Also, a huge thank you to River Osen for getting a touchdown any Many major tackles that helped us in winning the game close to the end. Congratulations on an amazing game and amazing win and I know that we will be able to repeat our process for next years game. Go Hawks!