The Area 51 Raid

Chandler Lamb, Staff Writer

Matty Roberts created an event on facebook one day, saying: Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us.” This challenge began as a joke but would become an event that thousands of people would join. It started as an event on facebook but would turn into a meme that would turn this joke into a great community event. The goal of the Area 51 raid was to discover extraterrestrial life, and “see them, aliens.” In a reenactment shown on Reddit, giving the expectation for what the event should be like, there were Karens, Antivaxx kids, Naruto runners, Furries, Kyles with monster energy drink buff +10 berzerk, rock throwers, the Tech Guy, and the rest of us. All of these troops were led into battle by Mr. Beast, PewDiePie, Elon Musk, and Keanu Reeves. Elon musk was seen leading the army of kyles yelling “69!” The legion of kyles all responded by shouting, “nice!” The Kyles then punched through the drywall while the Naruto runners distracted the guards. The troops seemed to be prevailing in the battle, but the Area 51 guards were too powerful. Suddenly, the Florida man appeared and overpowered the guards. Though this expectation was not entirely met, several exciting things occurred at the event. About two thousand people showed up to the area, about 300 people came to Area 51. There were, in fact, several people seen Naruto Running, an act that has a joke where Naruto Running will make one able to dodge bullets. Only three arrests occurred, one for public urination and the other for trespassing on the Department of Energy, a facility located near Area 51. The event’s creator, Matty Roberts, began to direct people away from storming Area 51 as September 20 grew closer. Roberts explained that going to Area 51 is not a good idea. “‘I’m trying to direct people away from actually going towards the military base because that both are dangerous, and it’s a national security threat, so I’m trying to direct people towards the safer option of just going to one of these mini parties that are being set up.'” “AlienStock and Storm Area 51 Basecamp” are the ‘mini parties’ he is referring to. Carter Powell said, “The people that tried to enter through the gate are either not thinking about their actions or just wanted to be immortalized. Let’s be real here, anyone who did that is going down in the history books, and I can respect that.” Ayden Hutchinson had a more negative opinion, he says, “I believe the raid isn’t as good as it was anticipated to be because only 1/60,000 of the people that were supposed to show up came.” Though no aliens were discovered, a few people came to the event forming a strong sense of community, and everyone had a great time, except of course, for those who were arrested. In the end, the occasion turned out as a fun and positive experience for everyone.