How TikTok took over the world

Nayeli Towell, Staff Writer

What is today’s society’s biggest concern? Have you heard of the social media app Tik Tok? It has brainwashed almost every teenager worldwide. Every classroom, hallway, cafeteria, and many other places you find teens. Seeing people trying to get over their Tik Tok addiction is sad because I see them struggle. Nayeli Ayala (12) has been on Tik Tok for 2-year snow and feel strapped by all the dance trends and lip-syncing videos. “I fear that it will destroy humankind and make them all into E-boy/girls and our new Pledger for America would hit the woah after.” As you see young pre-teens are concerned for the next generation of teenagers. Explaining her addiction she enjoys watching the funny videos and learning new dance trends takes of free time she has. Tik Tok can take away hours from your life, you would be watching it for 30 minutes and turns into 12 hours. There are teens from around the world on this app. What you called “Tik Tokers” go around making fake pranks and fake robberies just to earn “fame”.  (Nayeli Ayala 12) “I have been trying to stop myself from watching Tik Toks, I deleted the app many times but freak out if I don’t get my hours of Tik Tok in.” I personally have watched Nayeli walk around the house doing the woah. She has taught my mom, my siblings, and even forces my poor puppy Nia to do it. I walk in school and even my friends throw something invisible at me and tell me to catch it. I run for my life, its like world domination. I refuse to be involved in anything that would even have a chance to brainwash. There are people out there scared for their lives trying to avoid this whole Tik Tok app. We as a nation need to figure out how to help out our teens and fix our society. Let’s get through this Tik Tok domination together.