Starr Rackham, Staff Writer

Ever since this school opened in 2009 our volleyball team has been trying their hardest. Each year they come closer and closer together. “Once we step on the court we are a team.” CRHS is proud of all its sports programs, volleyball included.  Let’s get some intake from a few JV players. Alex Kelley (10) says she has been playing for 6 years. Madison Enders (10) has been playing for 4 years and Tilly Monroe (10) has also played for 4 years. This year, the team has been struggling a bit but they are still making improvements. “The team started out rough but we’ve come a long way and I think we have improved a lot,” says Destiney Horton (10). She is also a player on the JV team and has been playing volleyball for 5 years. So, how does the team get along with each other? According to Maddie and Alex, the team struggles a little with getting along but they try their best for good sportsmanship towards each other. “We do okay, we struggle a bit but we are getting better,” Destiney says, not everyone gets along outside of volleyball but once they step on the court they are a team. Alex and Destiney want to continue playing volleyball through high school. Then there are players like Madison who are still thinking about it.