E-boys vs VSCO girls

Kristalyn Valdez, Features Editor

Different trends in two completely opposite worlds. One world being VSCO girls and the other being an Eboys. VSCO girls are known for their quirky, happy, bright, aesthetic and basic type of style. E-boys and girls are known for their dark and complicated styles. According to the Urban Dictionary,  “Eboys are the new and improved goth, and they only live on the internet. If you happen to see one in person consider yourself lucky cuz that’s close to impossible.” Most E-boys were developed through the app Tik Tok as for the same with VSCO girls. 

Back in 2016 to be “basic” the starter kit would consider Starbucks, Uggs, an iPhone, and every social media known. Now in 2019, VSCO girls are considered as the “basic.” They are known for wearing scrunchies, puka shell necklaces, white Vans and/or Birkenstocks and don’t forget the key component the Hydro flasks to finish off the look. They’re also known to be very aesthetic, quirky and bright. Maddie Bowman a sophomore at Canyon Ridge considers herself a VSCO girl because she thinks the style is “cute as heck.” 

As for E-boys they are considered to be the “new and improved” gothic personalities and styles. Their styles are meant to give off an intimidating vibe towards others. With their chains, black nail polish and dark-colored clothes. Although these Eboys do have an anesthetic. A dark aesthetic. They can have a rough personality or a quirky personality. 

Now that you know a little bit about both VSCO girls and Eboys, let’s answer this question. Who would win?

Video game announcer: “CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER!”

  • E-boy: Strengths include intimidating vibes, the capability to use changes, THE eye roll, choking ;), and usage of LED lights. Weaknesses include sadness, Tik Tok, change in color of the LED Lights. 

VSCO girl: Strengths include the capability to swing a hydro flask, metal straws to save the turtles, Birkenstock throwing (with accuracy), quick messy bun, and the annoying phrases “and I oop-” “sksksks I dropped my hydro flask.” Weaknesses include THE eye roll, the song Obsessed by Mariah Carey, pants, and plastic straws.