National Hispanic Heritage Month

Yesica Venegas , Staff Writer

National Hispanic Heritage is celebrated on the 15 of September through the 15 of October. It happens because it’s a way to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanics, who have inspired others to achieve success. You may be surprised by the stuff people have met over the years and what they stood up for. 

Starting with Luis Miramontes to those who are on a pill shout out to him, because this Mexican chemist is the one who created birth control and has been receiving multiple recognitions and is the top 40 most important inventions. Sonia Sotomayor, she came from the Bronx, graduated from Princeton and Yale to become the first US District Court Judge and then-Supreme Court. She’s the first Latina Supreme Court Justice in history. Isabel Peron, she was the first female President. Her husband was the President at the time of Argentina after suffering a series of heart attacks he later passed away; then she took charge until she was forced to move to Spain in 1976. Lastly, Guillermo Gonzales Camarena, this Mexican electrical engineer, invented a color-wheel type of color television, he later introduces color to TV to the world.

Hispanic have created many things and have left an impact over time, and some people don’t know what Hispanics have done. I have asked around what they know about today’s heritage month. I asked around a lot of people who don’t know what it is beside they knew what The Day of the Dead, which is the complete opposite of what Hispanic Heritage Month is. Knowing about other cultures and heritage and knowing all parts of the world have accomplishment and learning about a bit more. Just like Sonia Sotomayor said, “It is important for all of us to appreciate where we come from and how that history has shaped us in ways that we might not understand.”