Twin Falls Corn Maze Closing For Season

George Powell, Staff Writer

The Twin Falls Corn Maze has been providing the people of Twin Falls with fun family entertainment and a terrifyingly thrilling haunted maze for several years now, but as some of you may have noticed, their website now says they will not be open for the 2019 season. This closing will put quite a few teenagers out of a part-time job and leave an absence in the Halloween traditions of many people. But why is the corn maze closing? I talked to the owner of the corn maze, Wyatt Detweiler, and he said that the corn maze couldn’t open this year because the previous owner died, and the heirs of the property decided that they didn’t want anyone possibly getting hurt on their property. “They just didn’t want any liability for the corn maze being on their property.” The closing makes sense from the legal perspective of the owners but is unfortunate from the viewpoint of people who had a ton of fun there. However, he did say that they are looking for a new plot of land to buy to host the corn maze next year, so the Twin Falls Corn Maze still has hope for the 2020 Halloween season. I also spoke to a former employee of the corn maze, Chandler Lamb. He stated that he was frustrated to be out of a job, but he was more frustrated at the owners of the land for taking the maze away at the last minute- “It all could have been avoided by sharing the land.” The Twin Falls Corn Maze was awesome while it lasted for the city of Twin Falls, and hopefully, Mr. Detweiler can find new land for the 2020 maze and bring the Twin Falls Corn Maze back.