Canyon Ridge Spirit


Riverhawk Publications Staff

CR students going crazy at the service bowl

Taylor Benoit, A&E Editor

    Sophomores Won the shirt hammer against the seniors for the first time in 10 years. Seniors better watch out, sophomores are not here to mess around. The Sophomores are the biggest class to go through Canyon Ridge, the rounded-up number is 430, now come on, that is why the sophomore class has spirit. At this year’s service bowl which is our game against Twin Falls our rival, we had the spirit bell. We also have won the spirit bell for 9 years, we lost it once and the next year we were more loud and crazy than ever. This year we were crazy loud, we had 75 pounds of three colors of chalk each. We came up with new cheers on the spot. Our school always comes a little closer on those nights. Of course, we won, also being “the most positive school on the planet”, helped our boys pull through and win the game too. Being a sophomore, for assemblies to get your grade going crazy is to pass out posters and to throw out some school pride beads. Come up with your own chants and just have school pride. I mean you go to this school for 4 years of your life somehow it should be important to you. It also makes you proud to be on student council and when the seniors chant there a graduating year, your class takes over and does it back. Hypes you up so much more. During games when our student section is so big it makes so many hearts happy because it means that kids care about this sport and this school. All I have to say is I am so ready for next year’s service bowl but I am also so ready for the rest of this 2019-2020 school year. Go Hawks!