Why Going to the Haunted Swamp Will be a Good Start to your Spooky Season

Nayeli Towell, Staff Writer

The Haunted swap is the spookiest thing to go here around the Magic Valley. It is a one-mile walk Terrain over rivers, bridges, and through the trees. You can find Ghosts, Zombies, Goblins, and much more to get a scare. The actors are local teens from the Magic Valley; parents join the little ones too. They have a professional makeup artist that takes time to get the kid’s makeup done just in enough time for when the swamp opens. The people who work there take time and a lot of practice time to get the scars done and their parts ready to scare the people who go to the swamp. I interviewed a couple of the kids/young adults who work there. Angel Ramirez (14), “Working at the Haunted Swamp has been an outstanding experience, and going there to work helps get a lot of things off my mind. If there were any more openings for joining the Haunted Swamp, I would recommend people taking the spot because I think the kids/young adults should experience behind the scenes.” Angel Ramirez (14) has been working there for two years now and couldn’t be more excited to see what this year holds. This is also Isaac Ramirez (11) Angels brother 1st year working at the Haunted Swamp. “After seeing my brother works at the Haunted Swamp he inspired me to work there, I honestly think scaring people and seeing their reactions is super funny.” I loved talking to the kids/young adults because seeing them excited and having fun with the Haunted Swamp is very fresh and entertaining. The Haunted Swamp is open every weekend until November 2. Adults are $18; ages 3-8 are $10, ages 9-12 So if you want to go somewhere spooky here in Twin Falls, the Haunted Swamp is the place to go.