Right Around The Corner Someone Could Be Listening

Samuel Massie, Staff Writer

Bullying has been around longer than most people think no matter where you look in the past you will always find a point in which one or more people were being antagonistic. More people experience bullying than they do compliments in their life. When someone is bullying someone else that person may be experiencing serious psychological damage from someone in their family or someone else. That bully does not understand the pain they are putting someone through so they act without shame and hesitation. While the person who is being bullied has to deal with that along with all the other daily activities they have to go through. Not is the bully and the person being bullied but the bystanders are also affected they have an increased rate of drug and alcohol abuse along with the decrease in days they go to school. The bully usually finds a way to justify their means through the radical story they tell themselves so they don’t feel shame or guilt. Another reason why someone would lash out on someone else would be because of the academic stress since it has risen since our parents have been in school. People are not only bullied in school they are also bullied in the workplace, it may come from not just from superiors but also from co-workers. There are many ways that someone would bully another person physically, mentally, and psychologically abused. There are many places to get help you can go to a friend, a parent, or a school counselor and tell them what is happening and figure a way to work it out.