Kaitlyn Garsney, Healthy Living Editor

This year HOSA Association (Health Occupation Students of America) will be adding something to the magic valleys that’s never done before. We will be having Districts. Because this is so new,  it might not be necessarily considered a competitive district for now definitely will be in the future. Districts will only be there to eliminate people from 1 school MOXX. This is a private charter school for only the medical profession.  At state, when they are calling off 1,2,3 95% of the time they get all 3 places. So this year the elimination is only for MOXX but practice for the other schools. When asking Mrs.Cawley (HOSA chapter 75116 advisor) if she was excited about the addition of districts she said “ Yes! I’m a district champ! I have been trying to get districts to the magic valley area and I feel like a champion that it’s now going to be here.” In the future districts will be very important for HOSA members in the magic valley because it will be extra practice for State and Nationals. From districts they will learn to know what to expect. When asking Mallory Preston she said “I’m excited to finally have a district’s for HOSA in the magic valley. This event will allow all of us students to be better prepared and help new members understand how the events work this is especially important for our CRHS chapter because we have many new members. This will give all of us students a better shot at placing at the state level and qualifying for nationals.” Idaho HOSA will be doing lots of really awesome things this year. Chapter 75116 is really looking forward to hearing our names in the top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places!