Speech and Debate is Changing

Emma Brulotte, Opinion Editor

Graffitied cars, painted rocks, and broken bleachers were seen at Twin Falls High School on the night of the service bowl. It’s an understatement to say that school spirit for Canyon Ridge was high and that sportsmanship was low. Ever since our school opened, there has been a town rivalry and when the winner of the spirit bell was awarded the other night “our town, our bell” was the only cheer heard. Yet, both schools assist each other as students are able to take classes at another school that is not offered at their own. Mrs. Stacie Gardener and Mr. Robertson Fox are looking to help change the dynamic between the school competition this year as they both take on incoming jobs as head speech and debate coaches. Both teams have plans to scrimmage, travel, and stay in the same hotels. Mrs. Gardener would like to plan team building during the time the debaters spend together to try and make sportsmanship between the teams better. Senior members of the team who have competed with Twin Falls before are looking forward to the opportunity to work with instead of against the other team.