The Inside Look On Mr. Ridgeway

Shelby Geiger, Staff Writer

Mr.Ridgeway started his career by going into college. Mr. Ridgway from there went to Boise State, any of you that have him might know he loves Boise State and has posters all around his room and always talks about going to their football games. In college, he majored in physical education. He said: “ For me, it was a chance to teach physical education, and I have enjoyed sports my whole life.” While Mr.Ridgeway was still in college, he decided to minor in science; it was always attractive to him. One thing he said that stuck out that caught my eye was, “What a better way to learn about science and physical education and teach at the same time.” When Canyon Ridge first opened a few years ago, Mr.Ridgeway took the opportunity to move up from when he was teaching at Robert Stuart. He wanted to move up from teaching younger kids and take the next step; he always got along with highschool students. When I asked Mr.Ridgeway if there was ever someone that inspired him, he told me, “I had a 7th grade teacher of all things in Chicago he was really a guy I looked up to and he actually he was someone I could always talk to about everything from sports to life, things like that he was just a good guy. I still remember to this day he might be one of the reasons I got into teaching.”

Everyone is different outside of school; it’s just a fact. In his free time, Mr.Ridgeway likes to go on walks with his wife and any other physical activity. He now has a grandson that is a lot of fun to hang out and play with him a lot; it’s more family-oriented. This summer, when he has free time, he has a part-time job full time in the summer, he works for a private homeowner called the willows. He also likes to travel a lot during the summer and try to get away; He will go significant league baseball games. Some fun little things to know about Mr.Ridgeway is that he is what’s called a storm chaser, which is a person who travels to locations where a tornado or other severe weather is forecast, as a hobby or to photograph it or study it. He is also a massive fan of the band Iron Maiden; I didn’t know the group, so I looked it up and watched one of their songs, and I highly recommend listening to them.

As a last remark I asked Mr.Ridgeway If you could pass one piece of advice to his students what would it be? He said Communication, some people keep things in, cause sometimes even adults do. So do your part and communicate, don’t be afraid to speak