The Truth About Mrs. Johnson

Suzana Chavez, A&E Editor

Norma Johnson was fresh out of college with a biology and history degree, however, she did not know what her degree could do. Without having a set plan she worked a year in retail before friends and family suggested the idea of teaching. Being a teacher had not crossed her mind, but her interests and skills aligned with the job. She decided to go back to college and earn her degree in education. 

After graduating with her new degree,  Mrs. Johnson taught in Las Vegas at a local high school before moving to Idaho. Once she moved to Idaho she taught at Jerome Middle School before teaching at Canyon Ridge High School. A quality of Canyon Ridge that the previous schools she has taught at lacks is diversity. Along with the diversity at the school, Mrs. Johnson appreciates the positivity of the teachers and students at Canyon Ridge.

Mrs. Johnson believes that everyone’s positivity at the school rubs off on one another and allowed that to help her during her fight with cancer last year. Throughout her battle, she always kept her spirits high and valued the support of the staff and students at Canyon Ridge. Despite beating cancer the experience has changed her outlook on life.

Even though Mrs. Johnson loves teaching, her fight with cancer made her realize that there are many things she would like to do that teaching may get in the way of. For example, writing a novel has been in the back of her mind for a couple of years now, when asked why she hasn’t written it yet she simply stated, “Time.” As a teacher, she takes much of her work home and finds herself without much spare time. Nonetheless, she does not let her lack of time get in the way of her love for traveling. Every summer Mrs. Johnson is on the move. You can catch her overseas in Spain visiting her daughter whose studying abroad or going on a safari in Africa. 

Although she loves traveling she always finds her way back home before school is in session. Her countless adventures and experiences in life have left her with one piece of advice, “Be positive and be kind to others. Being kind has never hurt anyone.”