Alita the Angel

Matthew Thatcher, staff writer

WARNING: There are many spoilers in this article, so be aware. Alita: Battle Angel is the start of an amazing movie sequence. Alita: Battle Angel is a futuristic movie based in California, many decades after the fall of the United States. When the United States fell, so did the laws that came with it, so there were dangerous people frolicking on the streets of their city, and the people did not like that, so they took to the streets and killed any villains that they felt were enough trouble. But every once in a while, there were people that were too good, so good that the main government protected them. Alita is a robot from a very prosperous land that wants to end all bad people. She is sent down to earth many years later, as junk, and a scientist/doctor finds her head and connects it to a robotic body. From there she helps find and fight very many bad people in her new futuristic suit that she found in an old crashed down vessel. This vessel brings back many memories and she feels that she may be too powerful for anybody to handle, so she fights and fights all the way up to the top of the food chain, and also wins many battles and games along the way. She finds true love, offers her heart to him, and he later dies. In the end, we now know that they are going to make more movies such as Alita. out of ten, I would give this movie an 8 or a 9. It was an amazing movie and shows many great ideas for any upcoming authors, video game designers and/or graphic editors. This movie was based on a video game, but I believe that the movie was way better than the video game, but without the video game, we wouldn’t have been able to watch this movie today. I would definitely watch movie again.