Samuel Massie , Staff Writer

With the approach of winter, we have snow and dying trees coming; we also have the attitude of a new season of wrestling underway. The wrestling team takes time out of their what possibly busy schedule with grades, work, and any other sport or extracurricular activity.  They practice at seven in the morning before school and go on runs. Then at four, after school for actual practices. Although we have a wrestling team, everyone else does not work together in the same way as a football team, or a soccer team may work. Just like a football being different compared to Europe’s version, which we know by soccer, there are different fighting styles within wrestling. The method which is used throughout high school and college leveled fighting is called Folkstyle wrestling is mainly focused on the switching of control during the match. Each wrestler is divided into 14 different weight categories ranging anywhere from 106 lbs to 285 lbs. There are quite a few moves that are quite important to wrestling; most of them are moves that only people that practice should perform, but here are some ideas. You have the takedown, which brings you and your opponent down to the mat and to gain control of the neutral position. Then there is the reversal while performing this move; it quickly changes the tables from you going from the position of defense to the position of offense. Then you have the escape; this moves you from the bottom of the starting position to escape or get away from your opponent. Our wrestlers are getting ready to start their first practice on November 18 to prepare for the first meet of the season, which will be on December 11. They will be going against Pocatello High School, Valley High School, and Wood River High School at 5 pm at Canyon Ridge High School. Come supporting fellow Riverhawks!