3 Sport Coach


Suzana Chavez

Coach Sundiquist working on his computer at his desk

Suzana Chavez, A&E Assistant Editor

Being a teacher is hard enough, having to balance teaching and coaching is almost unmanageable. In spite of that, Mr. Sundiquist pulls off coaching three different sports and teaching two classes. Now, you may be asking how he does it all and the answer is simple. Mr. Sundquist is from a small town in North Dakota and keeps the values from back home with him.
The first lesson he learned growing up was commitment. When Mr. Sundiquist was younger he made a commitment to help the neighbors next door with their yard work every weekend. Once he moved, he took his lesson with him and upholds it in his day to day life. With coaching, Mr. Sundquist makes a commitment to his team and expects the same from his athletes. While teaching Mr. Sundquist made a commitment to the school and his students in providing the best education he can.
Another value he has taken with him is simplicity. If you have ever stepped foot into Mr. Sundquist’s classroom, the walls are quite bare. When asked why Sundquist said, “With bare walls, it provides little room for distraction and offers peace.” Vanessa Valdez (10) has Sundquist as a history teacher and believes that learning in his class is easier due to the limited distractions.
Above all, the most important lesson he took with him despite the cultural change is support. As a coach, he supports his athletes daily, on and off-season. He supports them with any school work they might have and makes sure they are able to perform to their best ability. As a teacher, Sundquist always offers support to his students whether it’s with work from school or if they just need a listening ear. He’s offered guidance to many students on countless occasions.
Overall, as a teacher and coach Sundquist takes his small-town morals with him despite the changes his life has taken.