Cell Phones in School

Matthew Thatcher, Staff Writer

I went through school and asked many people how they felt about phones in school, and this is what they said. Most of the students thought that it was fine, but a few students said otherwise. As I went through, I figured out that some of the students felt that phones were not extremely important and should be left out, because they are not a significant part of our school. And that they did nothing good for school, other than helping us solve problems that we should have studied and prepared. But when I told other students about how they felt, they found it somewhat right, but they were confused. They wanted to react but did not know what to say.

When I talked to teachers, almost all of them, surprisingly, said that they did not care, as long as they had finished any assignments that are needed to be done. Most of the teachers are also allow music playing in one earbud, as long as they are paying attention. But some say otherwise so that I would watch out. These few teachers do not allow any electronics in a classroom, I once pulled out a portable charger, and this teacher took it for the rest of the class. I would watch out for these teachers.

Except for that, most teachers are relaxed and calm about certain electronics being pulled out in the classroom. But that is all, all I needed to say is watch out for some of the teachers. But except for that, watch out for some people. But if you figure out which ones do and or do not like them, you should be fine to pull out certain electronics, just not during a test! That is all, be on the watch out and you should be fine.